Salvage and Emergency Response

Salvage and Emergency Response

Salvage services are offered on a 24 hour basis 7 days a week. We undertake LOF and salvage work within our geographical response area. Salvage equipment is mobilized from central storage depots to the emergency area and our vessels are stationed at strategic positions in the North Sea and along the Norwegian coast.

For several years we have operated Emergency Towage Vessels (ETV) controlling tanker traffic in the environmentally sensitive and weather exposed Norwegian coast. We have developed specialized towage gear and response, and surveillance systems to increase the performance of the ETV.

Most of BB's tugs are equipped to undertake fire fighting, oil recovery including oil skimmers, oil booms, salvage pumps as well as tanks for recovery of oil. Our vessels are actively involved in towage of drifting vessels and are equipped with emergency towing gear and line deployment devices in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of IMO/ SOLAS.

Buksér og Berging AS operates emergency depots with discharge pumps, oil booms for emergency offloading of vessels as well as response teams in the Norwegian cities Stavanger and Ålesund.
 E-mail: ops@bube.no 
Office Phone: +47 96 50 40 00
24/7 Phone: +47 906 00 876

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