Harbour Towage and Ship Escort

Harbour Towage and Ship Escort

Harbour towage consists of all services necessary to ensure ships' safe arrival and departure to and from ports and terminals. We offer a range of tugs along the Scandinavian coast with various capacities and types, all modern ADS, Voith – or Azimuth-tractors.

Ship escort is often included in the required service of harbour towage.

The capacity to perform as an 'emergency rudder' for assisted vessels is produced by the hydrodynamic forces derived from the tug's hull form. Therefore we have developed significant improvements in hull lines and steering fins. Our escort tugs (typically) have an independently certified steering pull at 10 knots which is about twice as high as the tug’s bollard pull.

Our escort tug designs include optimized displacement and lower bow height/forecastle in order to reduce the heeling moment from the transverse towline pull.

Grounding under power is the most frequent accident for ships calling at ports and terminals. In order to minimize the probability of such grounding under power, emergency steering is crucial.

IMO has issued guidelines for a ship’s own maneuverability (IMO 751-10/10 zigzag). Which is related to DNV’s Tug Escort Class Notification the below guidance for Tonnes Steering Pull is established.

 Certificate of Escort Steering Pull Test - download here 
BB's Escort Brochure - view here
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