Sea Transport of Norwegian Pilots

We provide sea transport of maritime pilots along the Norwegian coast.

25 pilot boats are stationed in close vicinity to the pilot boarding areas along the Norwegian coast. The locations vary from Hvaler in the Southeast to Kirkenes in the Northeast. The pilot boats are manned by a dedicated crew 24/7.

The service is developed to meet the highest standards for safe transport and embarking/disembarking of pilots to/from ships calling Norwegian ports. The pilot service is organized by the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

To further develop the service, BB will continue to invest in new pilot boats. New designs are focused on the latest technology for reduced emission and safe navigation. Our most recent design is developed in cooperation with Kewatec Aluboat: Kewatec Pilot 1820 with IPS propulsion system. This state-of-the-art design ensures the benefits of low fuel consumption and corresponding emission as well as high maneuverability and seaworthiness. The latter properties are crucial when delivering a pilot boarding service in high seas.

Discover our pilot boat fleet here.