Harbour Towage and Ship Escort

We offer a range of tugs along the Scandinavian coasts to ensure ships’ safe arrivals and departures.

Ship escort is included in the service to ensure safe passage of dangerous cargo to and from terminals. The capacity to perform as an ’emergency rudder’ for assisted vessels is not produced by the tug’s propellers, but by the hydrodynamic forces derived from the tug’s hull form. Therefore, we have developed significant improvements in hull lines and steering fins. Our escort tugs typically have an independently certified steering pull at 10 knots to ensure adequate steering of tankers and gas vessels in confined waters.

Our escort tug designs include optimized displacement and lower bow height/forecastle in order to reduce the heeling moment from the transverse towline pull.

Certificate of Escort Steering Pull Test – download here

BB’s Escort Brochure – View here

Ship berthing animation