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Join us if you are looking for new opportunities in a company that believes our people drive our success.

We put strong efforts to provide a good and professional working environment for all sea going personnel. We are a value-driven company with high degree of personal responsibility and development for the right individuals. Our people drive our success by competence and the right culture. In BB we believe in long term focus and dedicated individuals at all levels in the organization.

BB runs a special health insurance program for all employees aiming at prompt treatment at the best hospital in Europe, thus recovering from illness as soon as possible.

How to obtain a maritime position?

If you are interested in joining our fleet you can see our available positions or leave an application here.

Everyday life in Buksér og Berging (BB)

To get insight in our working environment you can watch the following videos or visit our image gallery here.

Watch a footage of our participation in the construction of Nordøyvegen:

Read more about our projects here.

Watch our captain Knut Charles in action in Tromsø delivering pilots to and from vessels in the arctic ocean: