Building on our 100 years with marine operations, we offer integrated solutions to deliver cost effective and safe operations to our clients. We manage all project interfaces and with the flexibility of a versatile fleet and engineering capabilities we make sure your operation proceeds as planned.

Dolwin Epsilon

Client: Boskalis / Aibel AS

Tow-in, inshore mooring, float-off and set-down at Aibel yard in Haugesund.

NnG Offshore Wind Farm

Client: Saipem

Marine services in connection with HTV and barge handling in Gulen in connection with the NnG Project.

Svea decommissioning at Svalbard

Client: Hæhre Arctic AS

Provision of inshore AHTS for decommissioning of the coal mine quay facilities in Svea, Svalbard.

Jotun A FPSO Life Extension

Client: Rosenberg Worley

Outdocking, relocations and mooring of FPSO “Jotun A” at Rosenberg.

Penguins FPSO

Client: Aibel

Float off, inshore towage and mooring of Penguins FPSO in Haugesund.

Curlew FPSO decommissioning

Client: AF Gruppen / Shell

Engineering, tugs, mooring equipment and Tow Master for marine operations during decommissioning of Curlew FPSO at AF Gruppen facilities in Vats, Norway.

Hywind Tampen

Client: Aker Solutions / DOF Subsea

Inshore mooring spreads at assembly and commissioning sites, tugs for towage and relocation of substructures and assembled WTGs, tow to field and hook-up

FPSO Johan Castberg at Stord

Client: Boskalis / Aker Solutions

Float-off, inshore towage, mooring and relocations of the FPSO Johan Castberg at Stord

Buzzard field bundle tows

Client: Subsea 7 / Equinor

Suspended tow and installation of spool. Trailing tug for bundle pipeline.

Rig move of Noble Hans Duel

Client: Petrofac

Rig move of Noble Hans Duel at UK field with BB Octopus

Equinor Snorre field

Client: Equinor

Standby duties during pipelaying at Snorre field with BB Server

Johan Sverdrup – Jacket installation

Client: Heerema Marine Contractors

Installation of processing platform Phase 2 on the Johan Sverdrup field

Noble Lloyd Noble – In/out docking

Client: Semco

Docking of JU Noble Lloyd Noble at Hanøytangen.

Johan Sverdrup – Lifting of topside

Client: Heerema Marine Contractors

Assembly of topside in Gismarvik onto H-851 with Sleipnir

Heimdal spool tows

Client: Subsea 7

Towage and installation of spools with BB Worker and BB Server

JU Haven – suction caisson removal at Hanøytangen

Client: Semco

Suction caisson removal at Hanøytangen with BB Octopus

Eemslift Hendrika

Client: Smit Salvage

Salvage of Eemslift Hendrika - offshore hook-up and tow-in

Njord B – Out of Dock

Client: Aibel

Njord B relocation from dock to rig quay in Haugesund.

Helge Ingstad – Tow to Frydenbø

Client: Norscrap West AS

Towage of Helge Ingstad from CCB to Frydenbø

Jotun A FPSO Life Extension

Client: Rosenberg Worley

Inshore towage, mooring and docking of FPSO “Jotun A” at Rosenberg.


Client: Smit Salvage

T/B Bryteren during resumed wreck removal of Northguider at Sparreneset, Svalbard.

Assistance of FPSO “Jotun A”

Client: Ocean Installer

“BB Worker” and BB Supporter assisting the FPSO "Jotun A" in Åmøyfjorden.

Assistance on the Snorre field

Client: Equinor

BB Server and BB Coaster assisting Edda Frey for Equinor on the Snorre field

Towage of Jack-up Haven

Client: Equinor

Rigmove of jack-up Haven from Johan Sverdrup field with BB Power and BB Worker.

Arctic Offshore Farming

Client: Arctic Offshore Farming / Norway Royal Salmon

Installation of bolts and mooring lines. Thereafter towage and hookup of fish farming units with feed barge.

Makani Wind Kite

Client: Technip

Float-off, upending, inshore and offshore mooring, tow-out and hook-up outside of Stavanger.

Windfloat Atlantic Project

Client: Bourbon Offshore

Towage and installation of the two first of three floating windmills from Ferrol, Spain to offshore Portugal.

Wreck removal of Northguider

Client: Smit Salvage

Bryteren during wreck removal of Northguider at Sparreneset, Svalbard.


Client: Skanska

Three tugs for marine operations, barge tow and assistance during construction of Nordøyvegen.

JSP1 topside at Stord

Client: Boskalis

Float-of, towage and mooring of the JSP1 topside at Stord using 8 tugs.

STS in Honningsvåg

Client: Tschudi Arctic Transit

BB Ocean and Boxer in Sarnesfjorden for ship-to-ship operations of LNG tankers. The contract is from November 2018 for 8 months.

Towage of Deepsea Stavanger

Client: Odfjell Drilling

Towing Deepsea Stavanger from CCB, Norway to South Africa and back to the North Sea.

Johan Sverdrup Drilling Platform

Client: Aibel

Towing of barge H-627 with Johan Sverdrup Drilling Platform topside from Haugesund.

Haven Project

Client: Equinor, Master Marine and CCB

Tug assistance during modifications of JU Haven at CCB. BB Power and BB Worker assisting tow from CCB to Johan Sverdrup field. Tow Master from BB for all activities.


Client: Saipem

BB Ocean performing stand-by duties at Hornsea from April to August during S7000 lifting campaigns. BB Worker assisting barge to field.

Tow of hull from Tulcea

Client: Vard

BB Troll towing of hull from Tulcea to Ålesund. December 2017/January 2018.

Aasta Hansteen Mating

Client: Boskalis

BB Worker, BB Server, BB Coaster and BB Power, with two tow-masters, assisted the mating.

Petrojarl 1

Client: Aibel

Tow-in and mooring in Haugesund

Hywind Scotland

Client: Saipem

Mooring, tow, station keeping of substructure during mating operation at Stord

Aasta Hansteen Spar

Client: TechnipFMC

Float-off, tow, upending and mooring of Spar at Stord

Hywind Scotland

Client: TechnipFMC

Float-off, tow, upending and mooring of substructures at Stord

Tide Carrier

Salvage operation at Feistein fyr

Glen Lyon FPSO

Client: Aibel

Arrival, testing prior to mooring, mooring to quay and departure

Martin Linge STL buoy

Client: Subsea7

In-shore mooring of barge, launching of STL and tow out to field


Client: DOF Subsea AS

Float off and inshore mooring of Goliat platform outside Hammerfest

Dolwin Beta

Client: Aibel AS

Float off and mooring for set down

Gullfaks SPM1 & 2

Client: Technip & Scanmet

GFO Loading System - Removal and Replacement. Offshore hook up, tow to shore, inshore mooring and lay down operations related to decommissioning and replacement.

Windfarm Jackets

Client: Kvaerner Verdal

Barge transport of 48 jacket wind mill foundations and offshore lifting operations


Client: Norwegian Coastal Administration

Ramnfjord – emergency bunker removal operation and wreck removal


Client: Klingenberg Shipping

“Celina” – Salvage under LOF – Refloat and oil removal

Statfjord Loading Buoy

Client: DeepOcean ASA & AF Decom AS

Statfjord Loading Buoy – offshore hook up, tow to shore, inshore mooring and lay down operations related to decommissioning


Client: Eimskip

“Godafoss” - Salvage under LOF – Refloat and Oil removal


Client: Single Buoy Mooring

Yme MOPU – Float off, mooring analysis and inshore assistance

Gjøa Semi

Client: Aker Solutions ASA

Gjøa Semi – Provision of tugs an planning for inshore. Float off, deck mating, sea trials and handover to offshore towage vessels.

SIP II Platform

Client: STP Offshore

Tow out and installation of self elevating platform. Dutch sector. Mooring spread, vessels and engineering.

Full City

Client: Smit Salvage/ Cosco Shipping

“Full City” – Salvage under LOF subcontractor. Oil recovery and refloat operation.

Hywind Demo

Client: Technip Offshore Norge AS

Wet tow from Finland, inshore mooring and barge support. Towout and offshore hook up.


Client: Skanska / BAM

Towage of Bjørvika, concrete tunnel elements from Bergen to Oslo. Provision of tugs and procedures for the tows

Tjuvholmen Development

Client: Skanska

Tjuvholmen Development – undocking, transport anddown ballasting of concrete modules for underwater carparking facility in Oslo.

Aker Barents

Client: Aker Stord

Aker Drilling Deepwater Rigs – receipt of hull, maneuver to quay, sea trials and mooring operations.

Crete Cement

Client: Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS

“Crete Cement” – Oil recovery and refloating operation after grounding at Fagerstrand. Contract performed in co-operation with Smit Salvage.