Our staff of engineers and naval architects is continuously developing new designs and improving technical solutions onboard the vessels. Among our Fin Fist Voith Schneider tugs are the world’s most powerful terminal tugs with a DnV classified steering force of 160 tonnes at a speed of 10 knots.

Our latest designs are based on Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) propulsion and offer significant reduction of fuel consumption and increased offshore performance. Our new ASD-type vessel is also suitable to perform ship escort.

The Voith Schneider propeller allows the control of thrust in magnitude and direction extremely precisely and fast. One main advantage of the Voith Schneider system for the propulsion of modern Escort Tugs is stepless control of thrust in magnitude and direction as well as increased water inflow to the propeller during escort mode.

The ASD propulsion offers high bollard pull per horsepower and good overall fuel economy when combined with enhanced hull lines. The ASD concept is highly maneuverable which has proven to offer increased efficiency offshore when compared to conventional propulsion.
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